Replace Three (3) Boilers and One (1) Pool Dehumidication System for Chicago Public Schools Chicago, IL, October 2022

Replacement of three (3) boilers, one (1) pool dehumidificaiton system at Stephen Tyng Mather High School. Project also involved installation of associated pumps, expansion tanks, glycol fill station, and infline filter. Additionally reconfiguation of the boiler intake and exhuast flues due to the increased energy efficiency of the new boilers.

Challenge #1
When new boilers were installed, utilizing existing hydronic piping and water systems posed a challenge due to the presence of contaminants in the water. To address this issue and ensure the longevity and efficiency of the new boilers, a magnetic filter was installed.

The existing hydronic piping, although already in place, had accumulated debris, sludge, and corrosion that could have compromised the performance of the new boilers. In response, a magnetic filter was strategically integrated into the system to capture and remove both magnetic and non-magnetic particles from the water.

With the installation of the magnetic filter, the system mitigated the risk of contaminants causing damage or hindering the performance of the new boilers. The powerful magnets within the filter attracted and retained ferrous particles, preventing their circulation and accumulation within the boiler components. Additionally, non-magnetic contaminants, such as rust and debris, were efficiently captured, ensuring a cleaner and more optimal water flow.

This proactive approach to water treatment not only safeguarded the integrity of the new boilers but also contributed to improved energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. The magnetic filter’s ability to prevent the build-up of harmful deposits in the hydronic piping helped maintain optimal heat transfer rates, ultimately enhancing the overall performance and longevity of the entire system.